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The rich get richer and… well the rest of us wonder how they do it. But if you’re imagining the man with the big house, the flashiest car and the sparkliest watch you’ve ever seen, we’re not thinking about the same kind of person. The financially sound can handle the unexpected financial hurdle and are on their way to meeting their financial goals. What’s more, is that they have control over their monthly finances and have created a means to live well. If you know someone who fits this description, have you ever noticed how their personality differs from those with an empty pocket? We take a closer look at four common traits of the financially sound and how these contribute to their financially security.

  1. Courageous

    The financially sound aren’t worried about keeping up with the Joneses, in fact they probably disapprove of their big spending habits. They are brave and have learnt to do without, despite what people may think. It seldom matters to them what the rest of society are doing or buying, what’s important is thinking of the future and saving for a rainy day. So while they drive their economically friendly car, don’t underestimate their bank balance.

  1. Emotionally stable

    Often negative emotions can lead to impulsive spending and the notion of living for today. The financially stable, though, think about tomorrow by finding alternative solutions to stabilising their poor emotional state. In other words, retail therapy isn’t their antidote for a bad day. While planning for the future, they practise self-control by resisting short-term spontaneity

  1. Tenacious

    They aren’t the type to sit back and wait for great things to happen. The financially sound are driven and determined, and therefore more likely to meet their goals regardless of obstacles along the way. It’s not always those who get things easily, but rather those who worked hard and because of it was offered opportunities. They pay their bills and take charge of their life (and finances).

  1. Confident

    It’s not the person who takes on a crowd, but rather the one who is confident in their financial decisions. They trust themselves and their ability to make wise choices. Instead of fearing the unknown, they make it their business to learn and agree only to smart risk-taking.

Stop living for today and start considering tomorrow. While not everyone has the above traits, it’s never too late to learn from the financially sound and take control of your finances. So, stop worrying about others and don’t live above your means. Resist the urge to spend by understanding it won’t make you feel better. Take charge of your life and finances will follow. Finally, believe in your abilities and if you can’t… understand what you are doing wrong and seek advice from the financially sound.

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